Welcome to DJ Neilix Entertainment. My name is Neil Kamrowski. I have been a DJ in the area for going on 10 years now. I have experience in Bar/Restaurant, Karaoke, Weddings, Reunions, Prom, and I do play live music if requested. I have been told that I have a great mic presence, and I keep guests involved and entertained.


I DJ a Wedding like a wedding should be.  I am professional in appearance, and performance.  I always ask my Brides or Grooms what kind of music they are looking for, or any special tunes they want to hear.  If I don't have them, I will get them! 

Some parties like the traditional Chicken Dance or Hokey Pokey.  Some parties hate those songs and forbid them from being played.  I always ask before your party if those songs get played or not.  


I offer a good selection for Karaoke or just DJ tunes to keep your crowd engaged.  I have a decent voice, and I strive to have the crowd participate as much as they are willing.  If there is a song that I don't have, I will either get it there, or try to get it for the next time I am there.


I have done plenty of reunions.  My experience is that most people don't necessarily dance at a reunion.  Most people just want to catch up on old times!  That being said, I usually put a song list together with all of the hits from the year you graduated as well as the years leading up to it.  After all, you are there to be nostalgic! 


I offer a professional prom experience including modern hits and lighting to keep your students entertained.  I always do my best to keep the songs PG rated to keep the students on the floor and dancing.

Solo Musician

I have been playing guitar and singing since 2004.  I play a range of tunes to keep a crowd entertained.  I have played at events such as Steamboat Days - Beer Tent, Goodview Days - Beer Tent, Coffee Mill Ski Resort - Spring Fling, and the Galesville Walkabout at the gazebo. 





Trempealeau, WI                         


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